Miramem - now with Attachments

Miramem does not let you forget anything relevant again - todos, passwords, important calls, etc. Miramem was designed knowing the simple principle "you will not be able to recall things you never entered" so entering a reminder is extraordinarily quick and effortless in Miramem. "Recall" is easy, too: Miramem has an intuitive and clean user interface where you can focus on the core things while more details are just a tap away.

Main features:
  • "In Focus" view enables concentrating on the important tasks today - populated manually or by schedule
  • Powerful yet easy to use task scheduling - with focus date, due date and recurrence (focus date is similar to start date)
  • Calendar view to quickly browse reminders based on due or focus date
  • Sophisticated audible alerts - you cannot overlook an alert any more as it keeps reminding you until you explicitly clear it
  • Store, view and sync attachments - PDF, Office docs and more
  • Attach and draw on pictures / images - for visual marking
  • Military grade (AES256) protection for sensitive data stored in notes - perfect for remembering codes, passwords and other sensitive things
  • Context menu for items to reach all functions easily - e.g. Put in Focus, Move, Tags & Categories...
  • Customizable main screen - to have a starting point that really suits you
  • One-tap-to-main-screen button - a simple but important step to productivity (tired of clicking "back" a number of times?)
  • Folder hierarchy with no depth limits - with Folder Explorer and quickly switchable Folder or Flat display mode
  • Categories for tagging and filtering (e.g. priorities, context, GTD) - all user definable and easy to use, a unique feature
  • Intelligent search - which takes into account folders, tags, categories to rank the results based on the match strength
  • Views like "Scheduled tasks", "Overdue tasks" - to filter content by useful criteria
  • Referencing contacts from reminders is possible - to schedule calls or texts.

Sharing & syncing:
  • iCloud sync - be in sync with all your iOS devices seamlessly
  • Unique "quick entry" from PC - entering tasks through your calendar without any setup
  • Full backup and restore - using iTunes or browser
  • Formatted export (html) and CSV export
  • Sharing tasks via Facebook or email

Other features:
  • Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion
  • Retina + iPhone 5 display support
  • Universal app - fully compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Full landscape support - all screens
  • Passcode protection for all data - more than 4 digit protection is also available
  • Multiple selection - to edit several items at the same time
  • Context sensitive help on many screens - look for the "i" or "Help" buttons

iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Available on the Apple App Store.

Visual help is available here.